It’s Time

I’ve come to a realization. When I started looking into Orthodoxy, I did so as a Reformed Christian following proudly in the tradition of Calvin, Luther, Whitefield, Warfield, Spurgeon, Machen, and many others. Years ago I had a desire to be the next big thing in the world of Reformed Polemics (I even had a … Continue reading It’s Time


Much Brings Salvation, But Only The Church Does

Cyprian of Carthage Slightly Confuses Me The latest Father I read was St. Cyprian of Carthage. I enjoyed reading his works. As always, here are my thoughts: Unity Once again, a central theme of Cyprian’s writings, as it has been with every previous author, is that of unity within the Church. So much does he focus … Continue reading Much Brings Salvation, But Only The Church Does

An Unfamiliar Brother

Reflections on the Faith of Justin Martyr A new week means a new Church Father. I’ve been blessed to be able to keep up with such a pattern thus far. I hope it continues. This week, I read through the First and Second Apologies of Justin Martyr. While I found plenty of material to write about … Continue reading An Unfamiliar Brother