St. Pachomius’ Prayer Rule

Christ is risen! Yesterday, we celebrated St. Pachomius. While scrolling though the daily readings, this name popped out to me. It was last year, while reading through On the Jesus Prayer by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov that I came across a very simple prayer rule: "An Angel of God taught St. Pachomius the Great a rule … Continue reading St. Pachomius’ Prayer Rule


The Saints “Hearing” Our Prayers

A common objection to the theology of Saintly intercession is that the Saints can't "hear" us. While there is a theological argument to be made that they, in fact, can hear us, I think that's going to be a separate post. For now, I'd like to look at the biblical case for the Saints being … Continue reading The Saints “Hearing” Our Prayers

Catechetical Lectures: Of Sin and the Grace of God

St. Cyril of Jerusalem's Catechetical Lectures (Part II) In continuing my reading through St. Cyril's catechetical lectures, part II begins the major "lesson plan" after the introductory material of part I. The subject matter for this lecture is rather self-explanatory so I won't waste much time and dive right in. On Repentance and Remission of … Continue reading Catechetical Lectures: Of Sin and the Grace of God

God Incarnate: Jesus Christ is Divine

I've had a lot of people tell me that in order to understand the Orthodox view of the atonement, one must start with the Orthodox view of the incarnation. At first, this made little sense to me. However, what little knowledge I had before has helped to make sense of why this is the case. … Continue reading God Incarnate: Jesus Christ is Divine